2012 Careers in Aging Week Award!!!

Congratulations to SAAS and Aging Field of Practice

for receiving the 2013 Careers in Aging Week Award !!!!

Special thanks to the students Rebekah Glushefski and Nora Moran and to the faculty Dr. Nancy Giunta and Dr. Caroline Rosenthal Gelman!
22 applications have been chosen to receive funding this year. Below is the list of award winners:

Florida State University, School of Social Work*

Georgia State University, Gerontology Institute*

Hood College, Departments of Psychology & Social Work*

Hunter College, Aging Field of Practice*

Iowa State University, Sigma Phi Omega,

Gerontology Department Kansas State University,

Center on Aging Mansfield University, Applied Social & Behavioral Sciences*

McDaniel College, The Center for the Study of Aging

Medical College of Wisconsin,Department of Medicine

New York University, Silver School of Social Work, Gerontology Student Collective*

Portland Community College, Sylvana Campus, Gerontology Department

Portland State University, Institute on Aging

San Francisco State University, Gerontology Program

The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Gerontology Department

University of California, Berkeley, Public Policy Deparment*

University of Hawaii at Manoa, Family and Consumer Sciences*

University of Washington, School of Social Work and the campus wide Gerontology Interest Group*

Washington State University in Vancouver, Human Development Department

Washington University, St. Louis University, & University of Missouri-St. Louis, Social Work Collaboration*

Western Oregon University, Gerontology Deparment, Sigma Phi Omega

Western Illinois University, Psychology Department

York College of Pennsylvania, Behavioral Sciences Department

*Indicates awards are funded through a partnership with the Geriatric Social Work Initiative. The GSWI funds may be extended to Schools of Social Work applicants and/or proposals that include social workers as a target audience.

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